Thursday, February 18, 2010

Presidents' Business...

Normally in these posts we check out what former presidents are doing after their time in office. Much of their doings are pretty mundane and of course nobel at times. But sometimes we get a few gems from post presidents' antics that make us proud to be Americans. In this post, however, we'll take a look at what past presidents did as entrepreneurs before and after their tours in the White House.

• We all know Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer.
• Many of us know Harry Truman tried his hand at running a clothing store.
• You'd have to be living under a rock if you didn't know Ronald Reagan was an actor.
• A few of us many know that George W. Bush actually owned the Texas Rangers (MLB team) for a while.
• And the Father of our Country, George Washington, was a fantastic farmer. Just go visit Mt. Vernon, his home, and you'll see.

In a story in USA Today, we can see more of what some of our dignitaries did to make a few bucks in our great land of opportunity. Here's the link to the story. Enjoy...


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